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Since our foundation days we are governed by the core values set up by our founder Sri M L Agarwal. Desire, preparation and sheer tenacity collaborated to create a momentum, hope and belief for all our Sales team to overcome the Established Competitors. These values have shaped the way our company is established today and created a special recognition in the industry.
Client Value Creation

 Helping clients earning bigger in business and building enduring relationship by being  responsive and consistently adding value to this.
Respecting Individual

 Recognizing and respecting every individual’s effort generate better team spirit and  effectiveness within and beyond the organization.
Best People

 Attracting, developing and retaining the best talent for our business, challenging our  people, demonstrating a "can-do" attitude and fostering a collaborative and mutually  supportive environment.

 Committed to the highest standards of integrity in our business practices.Integrity is  one of our core values because we believe it is an important component in our  success.

  • MS LIFE 550 comes from the house of MS Agarwal Foundries Pvt. Ltd. An integrated steel plant. The low carbon levels and high physical properties not only enhance elongation but also provides better saftey from Earthquakes.

  • MS Agarwal Foundries Pvt. Ltd. is Proud to be associated with projects of national importance like Hyderabad & Bangalore International Airports. Gangavaram & Krishnapatnam ports, Outer Ring Road, Mtro Rail, Mega Power Plants, National Highways, Major Irrigation projects etc.

  • Certificate of authenticity (full fledged test certificate) with every consignment. Assured quality commitment from the Company

  • MS LIFE 550 is the first to formal introducesuperior quality Fe 550 grade in South India,in technical collaboration with Germanyand awarded as the Best Steel for the year 2006

  • Consumers can save up to 15% steel consumption in structural design due to high strength Fe 550 over present usage of Fe415*

  • First in AP to abide by the Standard Rate,Weitght aand price formula. MS Life 550 sellsper piece thereby ensuring value for money for our privileged consumers.

  • Better bond strength - The rib pattern of MS LIFE 550 rebars are specially designed to bond best with concrete

  • MS LIFE 550 rebars sizes range from 8mm to 32mm diameter and are available at all the genuine dealers. Easy identification with Branding, ISI Mark and Section Number. Commitment for integrity

  • MS LIFE 550 uses advanced manufacturing technology which ensure perfect ring formation across the cross section of each and every bar.

  • MS LIFE 550 uses superior quality tested raw material including South African Coal, iron ore from the best mines in India, etc thereby ensuring quality right from raw material stage.